Sabtu, 15 Agustus 2020

My Fantastic Holiday to Japan

       On May 2016, I got a fantastic holiday. I and my friends visited Japan. I was so excited because I’d dreamed it since a long time ago. And I visited many great places too there.

        On 5th May 2016, I went to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport then flew to Osaka. My airplane took off at about 10.30 p.m. We used Garuda Indonesia Airplane.  

        On the 2nd  day, finally we arrived at Kansai International Airport, Osaka. After we went through the immigration and took our baggage, we went to Kyoto by bus. It took about 2 hours. After we arrived in Kyoto, we went to Kiyomizu-dera Temple. There were so many traders who were selling souvenirs or foods. And the temple was very amazing. After that, we went back to Osaka. After we arrived in Osaka, we went to Dotonbori, the famoust shopping centre in Osaka. And then we went to Rinkai Hotel. We stayed there only for one night.

Kiyomizu-dera Temple

        On the 3rd day, in the morning after breakfast, we went to Kansai Airport. We’re going to fly to Kagoshima by Peach Airplane. After we arrived in Kagoshima, we went to Fukushima. In Fukushima, we were doing homestay program. My host parent was very kind. She thought Japanese language to me and my friend. The homestay was very traditional, like Nobita’s house in Doraemon films and it was very cozy. In the night, my host parent invited me to saw fireflies. The fireflies were shining so bright. After that, we were sleeping on the Japanese futon.

I, my friends, and our host parent

        On the 4th day, after we had a breakfast and had a shower, we went to a place. In that place, we wore Japanese traditional clothes. And then we walked around there while enjoying the beautiful scenery. After that, we made sushi with our host parent. Then, we went to Fukuoka by bus. It took 5 hours. And after we arrived there, we went to the hotel. We stayed at Vessel Hotel for 2 nights.

I wore the Japanese traditional clothes
The beautiful scenery

        On the 5th day, we went to Kyushu University and Canal City Mall. Canal City Mall is the big and famous shopping centre in Fukuoka.

        On the 6th day, we went to Toyota Factory. We saw the process of making cars there. It was so spectacular. And the next destination was Karatsu Higashi Junior High School. We were greeted with a well there. The student in that school was very kind and friendly. We were playing games together and talking about Indonesia and Japanese culture. We were also exchange gifts as a keepsake. After that, we went to Fukuoka Airport and flew to Tokyo by Jetstar Airplane. And after we arrived in Tokyo, we went to Narita Tobu Hotel. We stayed there for 2 nights.